Have you ever wanted to tell your spouse, children, family or friends something that is important to you, but the time never felt right?
Do you have a secret you don’t dare tell anyone, but you can’t sleep if it never comes out?
Is there something you want to share with the loved ones left behind when you are no longer around to give them comfort or reassurance, last wishes, any last words?
Maybe you have already seen in movies, where the main character finds a recording of a deceased parent or partner. This is a very touching moment and even the viewers are emotionally moved. But not only that, based on the message, the main character is usually able to find a solution to their current problem or finds energy to make the impossible happen. The message the character receives is quite commonly a center piece of the story. Think about movies like Iron Man, Arrow, Minority Report, Tomb Raider and The 100 and many more.
This is what DeathNote App is all about, we give you the opportunity with this App to communicate even after you have past away. The only thing you have to do, is use it.
It is our opinion, that everyone should be able to say goodbye to their loved ones, that's why we offer our app for a very afforable price.

Why DeathNote

It’s Simple

DeathNote gives you the power to save a video, voice, or text note on your Apple or Android device at any time and keeps it safe until you have passed away. Depending on your subscription you can record countless notes, amend, and cancel them at any time. You decide on one or multiple recipients who will receive an email providing them access to your note and recording only when you no longer confirm that you are fine by using your device or logging in to the app or website.

It’s Reassuring

Knowing you get the chance to be heard one last time, sharing an important message or simply telling your loved ones one last time what they mean to you provides comfort and reassurance. You will have your mind at ease because your message will be held safe on your behalf but will be sent to your specified recipient only when the time has come.

It’s Yours

What to say and how to say it

In this section we want to provide guidance and help with how you can use the DeathNote App. We provide some suggestion on what you can say to your loved ones and your closest friends.
In our opinion there are at least two distinct ways for you to use the functionality DeathNote App provides:

Spontaneous Note

Whenever you feel the spontaneous need of telling someone anything you don’t want to get missed and you want to make sure they received this message, even if something should happen to you, just record it. You can amend the note as many times as you want or delete it when it becomes obsolete because you had the chance of saying it in person. This can be as simple as telling your spouse that you just walked past the place your met and you thought of them.

Planned Farewell Note

For a planned farewell note we suggest you take a moment and think about the message you want to deliver before starting the recording. Think about what message you want to bring across, what state the recipient will be in when they receive your message and what emotions your recording will generate. Be aware, this will be your last message so make it count. Also bear in mind, the person receiving your message will not be able to respond, for this reason we suggest avoiding having open questions in your DeathNote recording.
The goal of your DeathNote recording should be to help close family members and friends who are left behind to process losing you and find peace/support for the future and the rest of their lives. They are now going through an emotional state, mourning, and looking for support to continue their lives without you. Maybe they need reassurance of how much you loved them and what they meant to you, or they are looking for a perspective and the assurance that it is fine for them to move on with their life. Therefore, deliver to them what they need in this very moment. We understand this is a very difficult task but taking a step back to think about the desired outcome of you last message to them will make a big difference


Below you will find some general suggestions, which might help you to create your very personal and impactful DeathNote recording.

Location of recording

It might be important to you to record your DeathNote at a specific location which has a meaning to you and the recipient. This will add an additional effect in your message and is often forgotten. Try and find a time and place where you will not be interrupted, disturbed, or distracted.

Bullet points

To ensure you don’t forget any important message you want to deliver and give your last words some structure we suggest you prepare some bullet points, which guide you while recording and support you can make sure nothing will be left out.
If you feel comfortable to improvise, then that is also an option and might well come more from the heart. The choice is yours.
Here is a list of some examples of what you might want to tell your loved ones.

What to say to your partner

What to say to your children

What to say to your parents

For your Friends

Any of the above suggestion can of course apply to any recipient and is just a short summary of suggestions to help you start your own process of finding the right words.


Q: How do I confirm to reset the hold timer for my notes?
A: When you unlock your mobile device on which DeathNote is installed the trigger time will be reset. Alternatively, you can log in on www.deathnoteapp.com to reset the timer.
Q: What if I delete the app by accident, or forget to log in?
A: Don’t worry, you will receive one or multiple mails to remind you of the outstanding confirmation with a link to www.deathnoteapp.com where you can log in to reset the timer. Whenever you download he app on a new device and log in you will be asked to confirm it is you primary device and will be the one resetting the timer every time it is unlocked.
Q: How often do I need to unlock my mobile device or log in on www.deathnoteapp.com.
A: You are in control of how long we wait with sending your notes after your last contact with us. You define the Confirm Frequency after which we will trigger the Sending Delay time and start sending your reminder mails to confirm via app or website. Only when both the Confirm Frequency and Sending Delay time have passed will your notes be released to your recipients.
Q: What if I don’t have access to Internet for a while?
A: Don’t worry, DeathNote allows you to activate a Sleep Mode in which all notes will be held until a predefined date of your choice after which the timer will start running again.
Q: How many notes can I store?
A: This depends on the subscription plan you have chosen. The free version allows you to store a limited number of text messages only. With one of the premium subscriptions, you will receive full access to voice and video recordings, larger number of notes and multiple recipients per note depending on the selected subscription plan.
Q: I want this for my entire family, friends, or employees - how can I get a premium subscription for them?
A: If you are interested in a larger number of vouchers, please reach out to us on info@deathnoteapp.com for more details.
Q: I received a voucher for DeathNote, what do I do now?
A: Download the app from the App Store or Google Play and register a new account. Then go to the Subscription page from the main menu and select “Enter Voucher Code" if you are using an iPhone. On Android you can click Subscribe and enter the code by selecting another payment method. After acceptance of the voucher, you will automatically receive the premium service of the respective subscription plan of your voucher.


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